EDITOR’S COMMENT: climate alarmism is leading to bad policies and high green taxes. We’ve had enough of the alarm, doom and gloom, and taxes being slapped on hard-working people.

Bjorn Lomborg says climate alarm causes nothing but anxiety and bad policies, arguing we can do better with smarter solutions to the problem. The author and president of Copenhagen Consensus claims that climate alarmism is becoming ever more strident. In my home country, Denmark, the front page of the most read magazine proclaims that “climate anxiety is good for the climate”. This is a remarkably honest message, signalling that it has become acceptable to frighten people senselessly to support climate policies.

A YouGov poll in 2019 found that almost half of the world’s population believes climate change will likely end the human race. Climate alarm has real consequences. When we panic, we make bad decisions. Over the decades, we have consistently chosen expensive and inefficient climate solutions, costing trillions of dollars, that have had almost no effect.

The UN’s Environment Programme found that the impact climate policies have had in the last 10 years equates to living in a world where no new policies were made after 2005.

If we can innovate and make the price of green energy less than fossil fuels, everyone will switch – not just rich countries but also places such as China, India and Africa. Climate alarm leads to anxious lives and bad policies. It also takes our attention off the world’s many other problems, like preparing for global pandemics. We can do so much better.

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