EDITOR’S COMMENT: another day, another eco hypocrite! When will these luvvies start practising what they preach…?

Sir David Attenborough has admitted to “middle-class hypocrisy” for occasionally eating free-range chicken while urging others to give up meat. The broadcaster, 94, has long maintained that he is no “doctrinaire vegetarian or vegan” but believes that mankind’s mass consumption of animals is part of our “blind assault on the planet”.

The rise in demand for meat and dairy, and the swathes of land needed to grow livestock feed, has led to widespread deforestation which threatens many species with extinction.

 Attenborough renewed his calls for people to urgently change their diets to help “rewind the world”. “Human beings have overrun the Earth. We have completely destroyed that world,” he told Radio Times.

“The planet can’t support billions of meat eaters. If we all ate only plants, we’d need only half the land we use at the moment.” Asked about his own diet, he admitted: “I eat fish, and chicken, and my conscience does trouble me. I’m affluent enough to afford free range, but it’s a middle-class hypocrisy.”

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