EDITOR’S COMMENT: not a day goes by when we don’t hear from the Prince of Woke, lecturing paupers all over the world about the dangers of climate change. Maybe Prince Harry should come down from his Ivory Tower and see how climate change policies are penalising the poorest in our society.

WITNESSING Prince Harry’s journey into “wokeness” is like watching a Disney fairy tale in reverse: no longer the story of a Sleeping Beauty awoken from her long cursed slumber by the kiss of a handsome prince, but a new revised 21st-century version, fashionably gender-fluid, in which the recumbent beauty is a duke long-trapped by a cursed obligation to his wicked queen, who keeps him in luxury as long as he obeys her rule to stay out of politics.

Then one day a beautiful Hollywood princess kisses his lips and he’s transformed from an old-fashioned Prince of Albion who enjoys rugger, stag parties and naked billiards in Las Vegas, into a virtue-signalling Prince of Prigs who enjoys lecturing everyone on climate change.

His new Princess’s palace, though, is fortunately even more fabulous than his former home in Albion, a humble cottage surrounded by frogs, long associated with cursed princes.

Now, ensconced in his amazing Californian castle, he sits with his princess (in a rustic part of his garden far away from the swimming pool which could ignite envy from watching serfs) and tells the subjects of his new country how to vote in their upcoming election, even though he is not a citizen of that country.

They should vote against hate-speech he says, and everyone knows he means “Don’t vote for Trump” because his princess has said the president is “divisive” and “misogynistic”.

And back in the old country his words caused consternation, because his granny is never political or indiscreet and that’s why she’s so popular.

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