Say no to road charges

The UK Government’s analysis shows that encouraging motorists to switch to eletric cars and banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 will leave a £40 billion black hole to be plugged.

The government will raise less money through fuel taxes (like fuel duty and VAT on fuel), so those in power are looking for new ways to wage war on motorists all over the country.

One of their proposals is a new dynamic road charge scheme. Under the scheme motorists would pay a per-mile charge for car journeys, with this price varying according to the time of the day and location. Using data from telematic “black boxes” installed in cars, as well as smartphones, road prices would be set at higher levels during the rush hour and in areas where air pollution is a particular problem.

This proposal is unfair to the majority of ordinary men and women who rely on their car to get to work and take the kids to school.

If you agree that this proposal needs to be SCRAPPED, please sign our petition. We are going to take this all the way to 11 Downing Street.